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Mawson’s Ltd
Manufacturer of traditional soft drinks and cordials

Mawson’s The Home Of Sarsaparilla

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From its establishment in 1933 through into the sixties, the most popular tipple was Sarsaparilla or "Sass `n` Soda" as it became known.

Now, three generations later, we are proud to offer Mawson's Sarsaparilla in a cordial form for you to enjoy at home. Produced by the same family and to the original recipe, Mawson's Sarsaparilla Cordial is made from natural ingredients, including ginger, liquorice and sarsaparilla.

Dilute to taste with either still or sparkling spring water or enjoy it hot in the winter months, we are certain you will find Mawson’s Sarsaparilla refreshingly original.

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